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 Why Aliens WON'T conquer our earth

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Why Aliens WON'T conquer our earth Empty
PostSubject: Why Aliens WON'T conquer our earth   Why Aliens WON'T conquer our earth I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 22, 2008 5:44 am


For those of you who followed the news you might read that a city is bulding an airport for UFOs and that the british secret service gave out their UFO folders to the public.
For those of you who are now worried about aliens visiting our planet I can tell you, that there's no good reason for anyone to conquer us besides ourselves.
But! But there are reason why they won't conquer us:

First of all, to be able to somewhen explore the own planet and then the space it needs a lot of intellect and curiosity. Like the humans have it. We don't send space ships out to conquer a planet if anyone is there, but to look if anyone is there and say "Hello!".

Second, if somewhen comes to our earth, it's from a planet far, far away from earth. So far away, that we didn't find out it's inhabted. No one would travel years, maybe ages, to conquer a planet without knowing who is on it at all.

Third, there are mainly two reasons why a race would leave it's planet to go to another planet besides looking what's on it: New space for living or resources.
If it's for space it wouldn't make sense to conqier our planet and kill everyone. This would take a lot of time and a lot of resources or money, if they have something like that. Taking Venus or Mars as new home would make much more sense. Theoretical we could live perfectly on Mars and Venus, if the air woul be better. A race that can travel through space this distances would be able to build itself homes on Mars or Venus. That would be faster and cheaper all in all.
If someone visits us to get resources, they have again two options.
The first option would be that we already used it all, like we do it with a lot of stuff.
The second would be that we have it. A race so intelligent to travel through space to our earth would be also intelligent enough to trade with us. This would be again much easier for them than to conquer us. Conquering would again take too much time and resources. The worst thing they could do is to betray us the way europeans did it with the indians. Giving us cheap stuff for them by getting expensive stuff.

Fourth, as I said before, they will be very intelligent. Furthermore it's much easier if their race is not at war at each other. Like in star Trek. You can be sure they're over wars and fights if they start checking out other planets. It wouldn't be logical for them to start conquering o.O

That's all. I hope you yourself think about this and don't start to get afraid of aliens...

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Why Aliens WON'T conquer our earth
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