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 Illegal Downloads

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PostSubject: Illegal Downloads   Illegal Downloads I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 17, 2008 6:50 am

I was searching through the web to find decent pictures of the System of a Down-albums.
I found a nice site which had all five covers in a nice size which perfectly fitted to my needs. I tried to save them and always wondered why it wanted to start a Download as soon as I clicked on the pictures. So I looked under the pictures and found "Download Now". Still puzzled I clicked and came again back to the screen with the question where I want to save this data.

As far as I can see they're not allowed to do so. But I'm no specialists. Normally I'd now contact the copyright-holder and tell him about. Er, okay, let's think about it:
Me, a totally bored PC Nerd finds something in the web and tries to contact SOAD to tell them. Okay, this fails.
Ok, Me, still what above, sends VelvetHammer an EMail. Okay, the Email will be delivered, but will they read it? What shall I type in "Attention! Illegal download!". I'm not even sure if it's illegal.
Ok, Me calls Sony. Er, I did this once before because I wanted to ask for some other stuff about copyrights and got no answer from them.

So I decide to say nothing at all. If they want people to help them, than they should first make it possible for us to contact them. Furthermore I'm sure I won't get nothing for it. Why shall I do their work for free? SOAD are for free music, okay, here is free music:



I don't care what you do with it. You find it on google picture Search pretty easy, because they have decent pictures. Much Fun!

Oh, I downloaded no album. I buy my music always, because if I want this album, then I do like the artist, and then I think it's only fair to pay him for his work. Easy, huh?
There's only one illegal album I have and only because I wanted to kick the artist's ass with this action.
Be wise, do it like me.
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Illegal Downloads
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